A downloadable game for Windows

A sole wanderer travels across the barren wastes. Her carrier spits and sputters, running on fumes, begging for a break. Suddenly, the grand machine's gears grind to a halt, and the once magnificent and proud creature becomes a target. At night, the natives take notice, and begin their swarming for the feast. You must defend your transport and also repair it, or face your doom as another bleached skeleton in the dunes. 


WASD - Movement

Space - Jump + Shift - Jet pack 

Left Click - Shoot

E - Interact

Puzzle Controls:

Left Click - Move

Right Click - Rotate

Created for Ludum Dare 39 Created by: Gamechoy - Sprite work: Curtis - Programming: Barrett - Music: Keagan

No pre made assets or code!


BrassGarrison.exe 8 MB